Quick slideshow tutorial: How to build a business web site?

Quick slideshow tutorial: How to build a business web site?

The idea of this quick&short presentation is to provide a checklist on important keypoints when designing a business site.

Case: Multisolution - Business scaling, coaching and partnership.
Images: snapshots from www.multisolution.fi
Text slugs: rule of thumbs when building a business web site

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Show company missions in a nutshell.
Spend time on focusing them and remember to fine-tune expressions.
Make sure textual contents stands out and is not lost in graphics.
Engage viewer with quality photography and definite copy.
It's important to be pleasing to the eye and provide content in easily readable chunks.
Present core points clearly.
Make sure the main points about your business are clearly presented and easily digestible.
Provide harmonous portfolio presentation to prove your expertise.
Show tangible proof of your knowledge and accomplishments.
Keep the content optimized in length, and make it easy to read.
Maybe it's time to recall the web design typography rules? (See links below.)
Utilize structured and visual presentation styles.
Squeeze up! Your readers are busy.
For leads, provide clear CTA (call to action) and/or up-to-date contact information.
Consider the most suitable style for your company to present persons involved. Names and titles only? Photos? Official or humorous? How do you want to present yourself?
Go responsive!
Your mobile audience is continuously growing.


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